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Rocky Shore
Humans and the Rocky Shore
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Littoral Fringe
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Food Chain
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      Horseshoe  crab!

Diet- sea worms and mollusks.  Considered scavengers. They find their prey while walking along the sea bed.
Anatomy-  A hard exoskeleton. 5 pairs of jointed legs and a pair of pincers. It can grow up to 2 ft long and weighs up to 10 pounds. It molts its skin many times as it grows. The male is two-thirds the size of the female. The long tail is not a weapon; it is used as their controls for steering, and for turning itself over when it is flipped upside down.
Interesting fact- It is not really a crab,  it is more closely related to Anachnids, (spiders and scorpions).
There are many species of crab, both on land and sea, including the Hermit and Land crab. Wee Bay Animals of the Sea - Mollusks features animated cartoons, and animation including crabs, clams, lobster, and octopus.