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Rocky Shore
Humans and the Rocky Shore
Humans and the Rocky Shore
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Humans and the Rocky Shore!
how humans affect the rocky shore
Pollution- Humans harm the rocky shore by polluting it.  Most of the pollutants are carried to the coast by rivers.  River pollutants, plus the pollutants which enter from the ocean create a major pollution problem in most rocky shores.  Humans which relax at the beach also litter, instead of throwing their trash away.  This is added to the rest of the pollutants which invade the rocky shore's inhabitents' environment.
Fishing- Most rocky shores are extremely over fished, including most of the rocky shores and tidal pools in Narragansett.  Besides this problem, fishermen also throw bait bags and other equipment like broken fishing line on the rocks and in the water.
taking care of the rocky shore
  • When looking at different creatures, be careful not to disturb them.  You may injure them or remove them from their natural habitat.
  • In order not to destroy animal habitats, be sure to use beaches or stairways.
  • Take litter home with you.  Remind other people to do the same. 
  • Make sure to contact your local boating and fishing patrol officer before you decide to fish.
  • Take fishing equipment home with you.
  • Try not to move rocks, many of the creatures are sensitive to disturbence.