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Rocky Shore

Ochre seastar

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Ochre Seastar!
Diet-  Ochre stars eat mussels snails, barnacals, chitons, limpets, and sea urchins. A star grips its prey with its tube feet and pulls open the shell. Its stomach is inserted from the star's body into the prey, where it digests the food. The process can take 2 or 3 days.
Anatomy- The ochre seastar is about 6-14 inches across Brown, yellow, purple, orange, or reddish. These animals have no head or brain and are a member of the echinodermata phylum.  They have no head, tail, or brain. Most ochre stars have 5 arms, but some may have 4 or 7. Their arms are dotted with rough-feeling small white, blunt spines that form lined patterns on their backs. At the end of their arms are small, light sensitive spots that help the starfish choose safe places to be. The bottom of their arms are covered with many suction cup-like tube feet. These bumps are actually pinchers that keep other animals off of the slow moving sea stars.
Interesting Fact-  These animals can be exposed to air for up to 50 hours if they are in the shade or among moist algae.

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